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“Excellent Travel safety device, which we have field tested and can highly recommend. Now there’s no excuse for not wearing a seat belt whilst traveling”

– Lloyd Figgins – LFL Global Risk Mitigation



“I would like to thank you for making a hope and dream come true for seven of our residents at the Stockley Center in Georgetown, Delaware. With the combination of the Easy Way harness and your lap belt our residents who have poor balance and upper body strength were able to ride the coach bus to Sight and Sound in Pennslyvania safe and secure.”

– Joan C. Harris – Director of Activities, Stockley Center



“On the Empire Motorcoach to St Augustine and testing the Safe Harness Seatbelt for my 9 year old… Works like a charm!! Thank You for designing this! P.S. Reach out to the SPD Foundation organization as this is
 perfect for children that have sensory 
issues; mine is one if them. 
All the Best.”

– Lena



Thanks to Mr. Blake McCauley, I had the opportunity to use The Safe Harness System this past weekend on a school trip to upstate New York. As the supervising teacher for the bus ride, I was sitting in the front seat across from the driver. I am also a Driver Education Teacher and understand the importance and value of safety belts and I am very safety conscious in any type of moving vehicle.

Sitting in a bus seat with no seat belt restraint system made me feel very uneasy and vulnerable to injury. I jumped at the opportunity to use this portable seat belt system and I am glad I did!

On the way back home the driver had to make an abrupt stop to avoid hitting a vehicle in front of him. A number of students in the back of the bus slid off their seats and could have been injured because of a lack of seat belts. As I began to be thrown forward, the safety belt system I was wearing locked in place and kept me seated securely! I highly recommend this device to anyone traveling in a motor coach bus!

– Thomas J. Schalk, Teacher/Coach, Garden City High School, NY



“I did recently attend the State Championships with my son in West Point and was able to use the portable seat belt for the trip from Long Island to upstate New York. I found the device to be easily installed and easily adjustable. Quite frankly, I would compare it to the ease of an airplane seat belt. The belt was quite comfortable. I did not even feel the portion of the device that was actually between myself and the seat. At the end of the trip I was able to slip the device right up and over the top of the seat without any difficulty.

I do not take coach buses all that often. Like I said, this instance was for a school trip and sometimes I even make a casino trip once or twice a year. I would definitely purchase the portable seat belt, especially after the recent events in the news just this last week alone! I think whatever the cost, it is a small price to pay for one’s safety and/or piece of mind if a family member were to use it. I personally think that all schools should be required to purchase the portable seat belt since the children take coach buses all the time for trips and to sporting events.”

– Shirley Rishkel



“We love it! Very easy to install and remove. We purchased five for our company – a great product to have on hand!”

– Sabina Newton, Newton Bus Services – Gloucester, VA