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Bus Crash

A car pulls out in front of a fast moving bus and causes the bus to pull out of the way and crash in big style. The car then speeds away as if nothing just went on.



SafeHarness: Personal, Portable Seatbelt for Coach Bus Travel

The SafeHarness is all about saving lives and providing a safer environment for those engaging in motor coach travel—particularly the safety of our children and those with special needs. SafeHarness is the first and only portable seatbelt for coach buses. Now you have a choice.



The Safe Harness System | Personal Portable Seatbelt

The Safe Harness System is a personal portable seatbelt that is easily installed on a motorcoach seat. The Safe Harness self-securing design helps to ensure passenger safety.



The Safe Harness System – Portable Seat Belt for Tour Buses and Motorcoaches

The unique, self securing design of The Safe Harness System helps to ensure passenger safety. During a collision the single strap design of The Safe Harness System absorbs and attenuates the forward momentum of the passenger. The Safe Harness System beneficially restrains the passenger during an accident while reducing occurrence of injuries associated with a rigidly anchored restraining system.



The Safe Harness Co. on A Name To Know.

Alicia Figueras interviews Charles Bedell and Blake McCauley from Safe Harness Co. for the show A Name To Know.